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The unique flavors of seafood are enjoyed by people and cultures all over the world. From a vast variety of fish and crustaceans, a plethora of dishes can be made. However, the secret to an exquisite seafood dish relies on quality of freshness. Which is why at Sesame Grill, we are known to provide the freshest, seafood and steaks in all of Arcadia, CA.

On top of the signature dishes that we make here at Sesame Grill, we have a wide selection of fresh seafood. From hearty salmon to fresh shrimp, our restaurant is the place to go if you’re looking for quality and quantity. Enjoy a fine dining experience while savoring your favorite seafood dishes.

At Sesame Grill, we are the local seafood restaurant in Arcadia, CA, that proudly provides the freshest seafood around. Stop by today!